PocketKeeper (SP) 3.5

Manage your daily expenses with this powerful tool


  • Simple, icon-based navigation
  • Powerful reporting functions
  • Create multiple projects
  • Data back-up


  • No QIF import

Very good

If you're the kind of person who blows all their cash at the start at the month then finds themselves severely lacking by the time the next payday rolls around, then perhaps it's time to do something about it.

Likewise, if you run a business and need to keep track of your accounts and staff payroll, perhaps you need some kind of accountancy software. PocketKeeper allows you to get a grip on your finances on the move. The program lets you control multiple bank accounts simultaneously, working with different currencies, defining categories and subcategories, creating and budget planning, and registering all kinds of movements (expenses, revenues, transfers, receipts, etc.)

The program is characterised by a simple set-up procedure, and a logical, well-structured user interface. Through a series of icons at the top of the screen, you can access the various features of the application, such as the registration of movements, accounts, categories, budgets, statistics and tools.

The level of reporting and the amount of graphs you can create with PocketKeeper is very impressive, and you can switch between different views easily. You can even set up different 'Projects' and assign a budget to each one, making this software highly versatile for all levels of use.

Your accounts are exported as a CSV file, which you can save to your phone's memory, or to an expansion card. The program even supports back-up and restore features, to ensure that your data is safe. It would've been nice to have an option to import finanicial data in QIF format, but I guess you can't have everything.

Overall, PocketKeeper is a well-designed program that gives you quick access to powerful financial planning and reporting features.

PocketKeeper is personal financial management software that focuses on managing your daily out-of-pocket expenses. It records your daily expenses on the road. The register screen is intuitive to user. Users can create multiple accounts with different currencies, define categories and subcategories, create budget planning, create report bar or pie charts and self-defined charts. Users can search, export data by different criteria. It also has password protection to secure your personal financial data.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive register with familiar
  • Multiple accounts with different currencies and exchange rate
  • Versatile category and subcategory
  • Budget for multiple projects
  • Power report with bar, pie or trend charts by various statistics criteria
  • Multiple language user interface capability
  • Manual and automated backup
  • Password protection for financial data protection
  • Filter, search and export functions
  • Transfer between different accounts



PocketKeeper (SP) 3.5

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